I will try it.

Could you please leave?

This smells like trouble.

I like it that way.


You're very good at what you do.

I know that Lojban is good for you.

We needed a win.


I love rock musicians.


Leon sent Mahmoud home.

Kieran and Adam are in the cafeteria.

Put it in the cupboard.

The teacher controls the class, usually standing in front of the students and lecturing to them during the lesson.

I finally have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.


The old men slept on the puncheon floor of the cabin, while the rest bivouacked out in front.


Don't turn it off yet.

Where's my father?

This is a such good student.

Are you a member of the baseball team?

It was in this box.

The situation is very complicated.

People in other countries often say that the Japanese are not religious enough.

Do you want me to bring you anything?

I am not dead, but that doesn't stop me from being food.

It has nothing to do with real life.

Mother was in a bad mood since she could not play golf because of bad weather.


No pain, no gain.

Take away.

Celia didn't seem to understand the purpose of the project.

I'm feeling a bit hungry.

Is it safe to eat raw fish during pregnancy?

The construction of the dam will undoubtedly have the resulting effect of forcing thousands of families to relocate elsewhere.

He has to come.


Sonja didn't talk to anybody.

You are a criminal.

Micah's room is dirty.


Several buildings were on fire.

He burst the door open and nearly took it off the hinges.

Now everything's exposed.


Pierette was late because of heavy traffic.

The audience members noted that the speaker looked tired.

She put away a good deal of money.


Are we too late for the party?

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Most of these products are domestic.

I went to market after he came home.

Could you give me just a moment?

"How do you feel?" "Not good at all!"

Ramiro's reply surprised Sumitro.

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Ro hates children.

He doesn't have much money.

Hillary doesn't have the nerve.

They're after us.

I gave orders I was to be left alone.

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He's the tallest one in the class.

The improvements we've made on the assembly line could eventually lower prices.

I have food.

She's making money hand over fist.

The discussions are ongoing.

I'm in a hurry.

Do you believe me now?

Do you think Mahmoud's telling the truth?

I looked back to see if she looked back to see if I had looked back.


At least we all agree on something.

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He prefers the country to the town.

Let's take a look at this.

Steen tried to control his breathing and remain calm.


Lou can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.

I don't know how to play tennis.

Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?

Everyone is looking forward to watching the game.

Dan suffered a terrible loss with the death of his wife, Linda.

She is used to speaking in public.

Don't run.


Isabelle couldn't care less.

There are several forms of government.

Will you explain the last part in detail?

You shed innocent blood!

I'm seriously considering quitting my job.

Doctors were afraid to remove the bullet.

How did you know where to find Kenneth?


Do you still have yesterday's paper?

He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

This is a real Vuitton.

It makes him a laughingstock.

You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

He needs you.

They're from Iceland.


Beckie changed colour.

Nothing beats a good laugh.

From children to the elderly, sensible exercise has a good effect on the body.

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Can I be there when you tell Pratapwant?


My father used to read me stories when I was a little girl.


The office for disease control reported a 10 percent spread.

Knowing and doing are two different things.

A high forehead is indicative of great mental power.

The Polish language is interesting.

I'm sorry that I don't conform to your preconceived notions of perfection.

I could not get rid of my doubt about it.

Spanish is much easier than German.

We hope you're having a great night.

All the doctors say that I shouldn't drink coffee, but, despite that, I do have a bit now and then when I'm in good company.

I forgot to put sugar in your tea.

An immense monument was erected in honor of the noble patriot.


Srinivas says he needs to buy a new computer.

Hold still for a moment, please.

I assure you that's not the case.


I've got a real good feeling about it.

I'm busy right now.

You need a photograph.

A footballer, who had two cervical vertebrae broken in a tackle last week, may never walk again.

Tolerant snuck out of the house.

He became an orphan when he was ten.

I don't want to be distracted.

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They want paraffin.

Please stop wasting our time.

Is that a cat or a dog?

I like teaching little children.

It was good to feel like one of the group, because my blond hair and 185 cm height already made me stand out.

They didn't like any of my suggestions.

I wasn't born yesterday.

You should not have gone to such a dangerous place.

I like to be surprised.


There is a football (US: soccer) stadium in the city where I live.


Is that peanut butter?

It's rude to make fun of your boss in public.

My sister has long legs and likes sports.


I'll take you up on your offer.

In civilized Europe, bulls are still tortured and killed for fun.

Please lock the door before you go out.

What's Norbert done now?

You should've called me.

You probably just have a cold.

That is the same bicycle as I have.


I asked her for some advice.

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I get good grades.


That would be really great.

It has to be tomorrow night.

He rose to his feet to protect the people in the small town.

Sue is our only hope.

I advertised my house in the newspaper.


He is taking care of his old Mom.

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There isn't any more time.

We find it difficult to decide which one to buy.

I wonder what this means.


Keiko deftly piles up the dishes and takes them to the sink.

You must heed the advice of your teacher.

I can get you something to eat.

It is a well-known fact that a bad woman seldom becomes better as she grows older, and Elsa's stepmother was no exception to the rule.

The heat really gets me.


He was deprived of his civil rights.

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Which animal is small?

Some Japanese are shy even to the point of appearing rude.

The Nugush River, in Bashkortostan, usually freezes during November and remains frozen until April.

I want to learn all the words on this list by the middle of July.

I warned him not to be late.

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The plane was blown up by hijackers.


When a weasel pays a new year visit to a chicken, that's no reason for comfort!

Dalton opened his suitcase.

I can't find the page I was looking for.

Granville often argues with Albert.

Pradeep has a dog named Cookie.

This book says the earliest man-made bridges date back to the New Stone Age.

The golden age is before us, not behind us.